Welcome our new Regional Distribution Hub in Dubai / B.P.K Global Trading LLC

Our newly setup distribution hub in Dubai is started with 120 Freshwater Tanks and 80 Marine Tanks. Check us out at our facebook page: and official Home... Read More »

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New Fishes and Lobster from Indonesia

Today, we received 3 new items from our partner in Indonesia. Check it out. 1. New Blue Papua Lobster 2. Yellow Algae Eater 3. Python Loach [gallery] If you interested, please contact our sales... Read More »

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Red Sea Fishes – Size Measurement

Many customers are confuse with the size upon receiving our fishes. Here is the standard size measurement for our red sea marine fishes: 1. High-Body Fishes (Angels , Butterflies, Puffers, Large wrasses): Small / 4 - 8cm Medium / 9-12cm Large / 13-15cm Extra Large / 16-20cm Jumbo / 21-30cm 2. Small Size Fishes (Blennis , Gobies , Small... Read More »

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Welcome our new Regional Office in Dubai, UAE

After a year of planning and evaluating, finally, our regional office in Dubai,UAE is ready for soft-launch. Please feel free to visit our website : or facebook page: Pleas feel free to "like" us to show your support to our alliance. We will have a full range of ornamental fishes... Read More »

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OFI (Ornamental Fish International) Certified

Finally, we made it to join Ornamental Fish International after 18 months in operation. We are joining this big family with our strong collaboration between our alliance partners. Now, all our partners are indirectly been certified. Any importer or exporters are welcome to join our alliance. Proof us your quality and creditability. Feel free... Read More »

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Aquarama 2011 – Singapore

Now, only we have time to upload our photos on our booth in Aquarama 2011 @Singapore. We were too busy to follow up all the leads and customers who visited our booth since this big show of the year in Asia Region. Here is some of the photos taken during the show:   Feel free to check out more photos @... Read More »

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Tiger Angelfish [Apolemichthys kingi] is available !

My Taiwan Friend is offering a golden opportunity to sell his remaining Tiger Angelfish [Apolemichthys Kingi]. He is importing from 3pcs by next month, 2pcs has been reserved. Now, he left 1pcs for Alliance to resell it. This fish is very rare and caught in depth of 100 – 120 meters in the Africa Region. If you interested to order, please... Read More »

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Red Sea Marine Fish @Sudan

After 3 months of planning, finally, our Export Facility in Sudan is ready. Within first 6 weeks (Week 22-Week 27), we sent 6 shipments to our supportive customers: - Holland x 1 - France x 1 - Italy x 1 - Spain x 1 - Malaysia x 2 Here is some of our catch:   Great Job on our team. Now, we are enjoying our summer break.... Read More »

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Free Download Leaflet for Aqurama 2011

Our marketing team just finished up the design of Leaflet for Aquarama 2011. It is a simple design to show our products, network and partners. It is free for download from the link below: We are looking forward to meet you at our booth #1040 in Aquarama 2011.... Read More »

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Ornamental Fish 2.0

We are building a new business model for Ornamental Fish Supply. This site is new under construction. We are target to launch in middle of March 2011. If you interested to know about our product, you may visit our alliance member's website as... Read More »

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